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@shauleiz shauleiz released this Dec 24, 2016 · 14 commits to master since this release

Version 2.1.8

This version is designed to be the final version of vJoy. vJoy has been around for about a decade and is ripe now. I will still be around for a while for answering questions and fixing minor bugs.

I recommend all projects to start collaborating with nefarius on his emerging project ViGEm - I believe that his approach is better and more flexible than the one employed by vJoy.

Release Notes for vJoy 2.1.8 build 33

vJoy API file (vGenInterface.dll) added to the installation

Release Notes for vJoy 2.1.8 build 31

  • Enhancement: New interface function GetOwnerPid(). This function returns the ID of the process owning a specified vJoy device. You can use this function to:
  • Make sure that your process is indeed the owner of a device.
  • Get the process that prevents you from acquiring the device and issue an intelligent message to the user.
  • Facilitate killing zomby processes that still own a device.
  • Enhancement: vJoyList - a utility that lists all vJoy devices and specifies the owner of each device.
    vJoyList is part of the installation.


  • Enhancement: Smoother initialization of a vJoy device. A device is initialized when created, configured or requested to from the API. It retains its position when acquired to prevent a glitch.
  • Bug Fix: Initializing discrete POVs to non-default values was incorrectly done. It is now possible: Discrete POV registry values are now:
  • 0x80: North/Forwards
  • 0x81: East/Right
  • 0x82: South/Backwards
  • 0x83: West/Left
  • 0x8F: Neutral Point
  • Bug Fix: Too many error messages were written to the event log even on normal installation.
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