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Global Tools Installer

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Global Tools installer is a .Net Global tool that allows you to define a list of global tools that you would like to install on your machine and makes it easy to do so.

This tool is very much in beta so please report any issues or suggestions.


This tool requires .Net Core 2.1 or newer you can install it from here

To install this tool run the following command.

dotnet tool install gti -g

Once installed Global tools installer has a number of operations it can perform.


The following list of commands are the basic commands that are available, other options for these commands are available in the in app help.


The save command is used to save all currently installed global tools on the machine out in to a file so they can be installed again later.

You use this command run the following command.

gti -c save

It will save a file out in the current folder named tools.gti unless a different filename has been given to the command.


The install command is used to to install global tools on a machine from a global tools (tools.gti) file.

gti -c install

This will search for a file named tools.gti in the current directory to install, if this isn't overwritten.


If you would like to create a tools.gti file manually it needs to be in the following format. The header row is required and each row below the header row is a tool that you want to install. The Id column is the only one to have a value the others can be empty, I have included a number of example rows.

  • ID - is the NuGet package Id
  • Version - is the NuGet version you want to install, if left blank it will install the latest non pre-release version.
  • FeedUri - is the service index uri of the feed you want to install the package from, if this is left blank it will use the feeds configured on the system.



Release notes

  • 0.5 - this the first public release, treat this as a beta.

Road map

  • Improved documentation
  • Show a list of tools about to be installed and ask to accept

Known issues

  • Currently optional parameters based on types are not checked they are valid.
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