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My personal website, built with Gatsby, React, and TailwindCSS
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Built with Gatsby.js, React, and TailwindCSS.

Welcome to the repository for my personal website, I assume you're here because you're interested in seeing how I built this website 😄, I'll outline exactly how I did it below.

Frameworks/Libraries Used

  1. GatsbyJS
  2. ReactJS
  3. TailwindCSS
  4. CSS Modules
  5. Anime.js (will be present in full released website)
  6. Markdown 'CMS' (will be present in full released website)

Thought Process

I wanted to build a minimal, easy-to-digest website that listed my projects, bio, and contact information. This is why I chose to design my website with as few buttons and paths as possible to allow for a very linear UX flow through my website. In order to speed up the experience, I opted for creating a single-page application with React and given that my contains no dynamically updated data, I further opted for using Gatsby.js to render my React JSX into static HTML. This allows for an extremely fast UX as well as highly optimized asset files thanks to the wonders of Webpack and its ability to bundle/compress all my static assets.

This website is still a WIP, for now I've released a 'coming soon' page (you are viewing the repository for that page here)

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