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Viera HTTP server

Very lightweight HTTP server to wrap viera-api.

Set up

Make a copy of config.example.json named config.json and put the IP address of your TV in there, plus an API key to use for authentication.

Run npm install to install dependencies.

Run npm start to start the server.


Some samples with curl:

curl -H "Authorization:yourapikey" http://localhost:5000?command=power
curl -H "Authorization:yourapikey" http://localhost:5000?command=netflix get the idea.

Running on a server

Currently I have a Raspberry Pi to run this app. I tried using systemd but couldn't get on with it, so I'm now trying forever.

So, to start the app running in forever, run npm run start-bkgrnd. Run npm run stop-bkgrnd to stop it.

To abstract this into a command that runs whenever the server starts, you can use Crontab:

@reboot /usr/bin/npm run start-bkgrnd --prefix ~/code/viera-http-server