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Interactive Guide to Tetris in ClojureScript

>> View Slide Here


These are interactive slides that I put together for a Houston.js meetup party celebrating Tetris's 30th birthday.


For viewing, serve the public/ directory with something like:

$ cd public
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

For developing, use npm-cljs:

For minified release build:


The presentation is intended to conclude our work on T3TR0S. You can read our devblog there to see how we built the game in small increments.

Want more code?

This repo presents the essence of our game. But you can see full implementations below:


Thanks to Chris Granger for his live-cljs demo, which served as the styling base for this presentation.

And thanks to the T3TR0S team:

  • Elaine Looney
  • Luis Gutierrez
  • Chris Oakman
  • Brett Darnell
  • Phil Gambling


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