Simple dashboard system.
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Django based simple dashboard system.

Demo Screenshot

Getting Started

Environment Setup

Before installing Holodeck it is strongly recommended that you create a sandboxed environment using virtualenv or the like. To do so go to a path in which you want to create a Holodeck instance and issue the following command:

$ virtualenv ve

Then activate your virtualenv:

$ . ve/bin/activate

Now install Holodeck using pip:

$ pip install holodeck

Once installed you should be able to execute the Holodeck CLI using holodeck, i.e:

$ holodeck
usage: holodeck [--config=/path/to/] [command] [options]

By default the CLI looks for a configuration file in the current working path called

Optionally add PhantomJS to your path to enable widget image exporting/sharing.

Configuration Initialization

Holodeck allows you to specify settings to tweak it's behaviour for your particular use case. To generate a default settings file use the init command. init allows you to specify an alternative path (otherwise it defaults to the current working path):

$ holodeck init
Configuration file created at '/home/bill/holodeck/'

# or with custom path

$ holodeck init /etc/
Configuration file created at '/etc/'

Then you can customize Holodeck and Django settings within the generated file (defaults to, for instance which database engine you want to use.

Creating Database Tables

Once you are happy with your configration you have to create the various database tables required by Holodeck. Do this using the upgrade command:

$ holodeck upgrade

Remember to ensure that the configured database exists as specified in your configuration in case you are not using the default SQLite database.

Running Local Instance

With Holodeck installed and configured you can now fire up a local Holodeck instance using the runserver command:

$ holodeck runserver

Then access the instance on http://localhost:8000.

Pushing Data

Python users can use Photon to push data to Holodeck. Photon includes examples you can use as a starting point.