An app to let your slack coffee group know when there's coffee
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Coffee App

This is a server that will generate Jasonette valid Jason for IOS or Android (or the respective Jason apps).

The Apps show the faces of the slack users in the channel specified in the .env file. If a face is pressed, a slackbot will update the channel saying coffee is brewing, and 12 minutes later that coffee is ready.

Using it


You'll need node installed and npm Run npm install inside of the repo directory. Create a .env file in the root of the directory with the following items:

COFFEECHANNEL=<The coffee channel id>
TESTINGCHANNEL=<a public channel id for testing>

An easy way to find the channel identifiers is to use this page and search for the channel names and copy the identifiers.

Run the server with 'node server.js'.

And finally either build an Android or IOS app (following the directions here), or point the relevant Jason app (ios, android) at localhost:3000/jsonette.json