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In 2005 a group of us working at IBM's Hursley lab setup a blog, Eightbar, to write about the technology we were interested in and what it was like to work here. This is the static content of that blog.

Final Post


In 2005 a group of us working at IBM's Hursley lab decided to start a blog about technology and what it was like to work here.

In the 11 years we've seen people join and leave, we've had weddings and babies, bought houses, had 120 breakfasts together and drunk many cups of tea. We've also seen the technology we work with span social media, virtual worlds, cloud, and AI. Some of that has been recorded here. We've had a few attempts to restart Eightbar but interest in reading and writing it has faded, so we decided to call it a day.

The content has all been archived and is accessible at: or you can download the whole thing at: In a few days we'll redirect and in a few weeks we'll let the domain expire.

Most of the contributors are still writing their own blogs. All of them are on Twitter.

Alice Bartlett

Andy Piper

Andy Stanford-Clark

Ben Hardill

Dale Lane

Darren Shaw

Dave Braines

Gareth Jones

Graham White

Ian Hughes

James Taylor

Jon Levell

Josie Messa

Laura Cowen

Nick O'Leary

Rob Smart

Roo Reynolds

Thank you. XOXO


Static content from original site.




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