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- update README.rdoc in template app
- generate sample Gemfile with current gamebox version
- framerate setting should come from Gamebox.configuration.target_framerate?
- game.yml settings .. ^^^
- nice helpers for testing behaviors
- add define_style that defines a bucket of behaviors
- add helper for has_required_attributes on an actor from a behavior (checking that opts for the behavior has said key)
- solidify rdocs (including tutorial)
- input_manager should accept symbols for look up.. :space => KbSpace
- release!
- move all classes into Gamebox module
- collision detection honoring rotation?
- highscore upload system (use from chingu) (takes json now)
- collidable "grouping"
- move to separate repo?
- nario:
error on collision
- add network manager stub
- update physical objects to use chipmunk_object.rb
- make complex Phyiscal behaviors
* made up by a group of bodies pinned together
- create a DynamicPhysicalActor that can be built from external verts (SVG)
- add nice actor debugging
- add Extra; behavior with a short time to live (TTL); useful for special effects
- optional GUI via Fidgit?
- gamebox server (content server?)
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