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planned features:
add network manager stub
highscore upload system (use from chingu)

change update system to
on_update do |time|
  # do stuff?

allow easy pausing of game and physics
  - fire :pause event w/ a new Director of actors?
change Polaris to return partial path when step max is reached
update physical objects to use chipmunk_object.rb

make complex Phyiscal behaviors
  - made up by a group of bodies pinned together
  - easy joints
physical objects should have bodies and shapes body/shape should be shorthand for bodies.first/shapes.first
  - solidify rdocs (including tutorial)
create a DynamicPhysicalActor that can be built from external verts
add nice actor debugging
add Extra; actor with a short time to live (TTL); useful for special effects (maybe as a behavior)

static deployment bundles (crate, love-clone; custom C project)
possible features:
state machine
rule based
optional GUI via rubygoo
gamebox server (content server?)
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