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- palms draw their trunks in the wrong square
- get campaign working w/o external server running
- get player slot registration working
- build multiplayer map
"move units here" campaign
- rubygoo integration
- model updates should not be triggered via gui updates
- remove drawable component, as it is not a behavior but a need of the system
- remove all GooEvents/drawing knowledge from "models"
- morphing abilities
- should attack entities (auto-morph/unmorph) actually live on the occupancy grid? or should they transcend it?
- unit creation should pass along any target info it has
- melee_attack/move/etc should respect :auto_melee_attack: true
- change gatherer/collector to keep track of which resource is held/deposited
- change mouse hover to show if something is targetable/attackable
- add images to story stacks, with ken burns effect (pan/zoom)
- add structures (basic unit creation) (larger than one tile)
- add structure placement "grid-locking"
- move music to map definition
- add simple intro UI (map selection)
- how to fire off external server for multiplayer? (separate ruby call? ruby server.rb? )
- dragging on minimap shouldn't show selection box
- every movable entity should have its own Pathfinder (where should it get it?)
- or the same Pathfinder that we can pass in something to lookup map/unit occupancy
- add logger to app
- clean up and add docs EVERYWHERE