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Export your iTunes library metadata in easy-to-read formats
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Export your iTunes library in easy-to-read formats! Install with npm:

$ npm install itunes-data

Node usage

The module's parser() function returns an streaming XML parser that emits events for different types of data that it encounters in Apple's XML-based property list files:

  • track emits a track (song) object with fields such as Name, Artist, Album, Genre, and so on.
  • artist emits an artist object with fields such as Name, Track Count, and Play Count.
  • album emits an album object with fields such as Artist, Album Artist, Track Count, and so on.
  • playlist emits a playlist album with fields such as Name, Tracks (an array of track objects), and so on.
  • library emits a big, nested object of your entire library.
var fs = require("fs"),
    itunes = require("itunes-data"),
    parser = itunes.parser(),
    stream = fs.createReadStream("path/to/iTunes Media Library.xml");

parser.on("track", function(track) {
    console.log("track:", track);

parser.on("album", function(album) {
    console.log("album:", track);


Command Line

Or install the command-line utility:

$ npm install -g itunes-data
$ itunes-data --help
Export an iTunes libray XML file.

Usage: itunes-data [options] [path/to/library.xml]

  --tracks     Save tracks (songs) to this file
  --playlists  Save playlists to this file
  --artists    Save artists to this file
  --albums     Save albums to this file
  --library    Save the library to this (JSON) file
  --format     Default output file format ('csv', 'tsv', 'json' or 'ldjson')  [default: "csv"]


Export a all tracks (songs) in your library as comma-separated values (CSV):

$ itunes-data --tracks tracks.csv ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Media\ Library.xml

Export a all albums in your library as tab-separated values:

$ itunes-data --albums albums.tsv ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Media\ Library.xml

Export your entire library as JSON:

$ itunes-data --library library.json ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Media\ Library.xml

If you leave off the filename for any of the --artists, --tracks, --playlists, --albums or --library list options the data will be written to stdout, in which case you probably want to specify the --format option as well. You should only use one of the list options in this case!

$ itunes-data --artists --format json \
    ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Media\ Library.xml > artists.json
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