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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Issues:
# ------
# * a copy + update shows up "A +" no "U +" in svnlook, so we can't detect
# post-copy edits unless we follow up with a "svnlook diff --diff-copy-from"
# * We can detect merges by inspecting "svn:mergeinfo" on directories, but
# manual edits after the merge will go undetected. Can we do an diff
# to compare the transaction tree and the merge source?
# TODO: rewrite to use SVN Python Bindings (pysvn) instead of svnlook?
import re
import os
import sys
import subprocess
from operator import attrgetter
class SVNTransaction(object):
def __init__(self, repos, txn, is_revision=False, svnlook_cmd="svnlook"):
self.is_revision = is_revision
self.svnlook_cmd = svnlook_cmd
self.repos = repos
self.txn = txn
#print self._svnlook("propget", "svn:mergeinfo flame2/production")
def is_copy_operation(self):
"""Detects if this is a copy (branch/tag) operation.
Returns a tuple of (copy_src, copy_dest) if it is, None otherwise.
Note that the transaction must do only a copy, and not be combined
with other operations.
if len(self.changes) == 1:
item = self.changes.values()[0]
if item.copied:
return (item.source, item.path)
return None
def is_move_operation(self):
"""Detects if this is a move operation.
Returns a tuple of (move_src, move_dest) if it is, None otherwise.
Note that the transaction must do only a move, and not be combined
with other operations.
if len(self.changes) == 2:
s, d = sorted(self.changes.values(), key=attrgetter("copied"))
if d.copied and s.deleted and s.path == d.source:
return (s.path, d.path)
return None
def is_merge_operation(self):
"""Detects if this is a merge operation.
Returns a tuple of (merge_src, merge_dest, src_rev) if it is a merge
operation, or None otherwise.
Note that the transaction must do only a merge, and not be combined
with other operations.
Assumes all clients have mergeinfo capabilities (should be checked
by start-commit hook)
base = os.path.commonprefix(self.changes.keys())
# check if property has changed in base dir
if base not in self.changes or not self.changes[base].prop_changed:
return None # definitely not a merge
# check if the mergeinfo property has changed.
prev_rev = ""
if self.is_revision:
prev_rev = "-r %d" % (int(self.txn) - 1)
mergeinfo_old = self._call("%s propget %s svn:mergeinfo %s %s" % (
), exit_on_error=False)
mergeinfo_new = self._svnlook("propget", "svn:mergeinfo %s" % base,
if not mergeinfo_new or mergeinfo_old == mergeinfo_new:
return None # mergeinfo has not changed
# looks like a merge. Return params in the expected format
latest_merge = mergeinfo_new.split("\n")[-1]
src, revs = latest_merge.split(":")
return ("%s/" % src[1:], base, revs.split("-")[-1])
def _call(self, cmd, exit_on_error=True):
p = subprocess.Popen(cmd.split(),
out, err = p.communicate()
if err and exit_on_error:
sys.exit("[ERROR] %s" % err)
return out
def _svnlook(self, subcommand="changed --copy-info",
extra="", exit_on_error=True):
r_opt = ("--transaction", "--revision")[self.is_revision]
cmd = "%s %s %s %s %s %s" % (self.svnlook_cmd, subcommand,
r_opt, self.txn, self.repos, extra)
return self._call(cmd, exit_on_error=exit_on_error)
def _load_changes(self):
change_items = (SVNChangeItem(line.strip())
for line in re.split("\n(?=\w)", self._svnlook()))
self.changes = dict((c.path, c) for c in change_items)
def _load_info(self):,, _, self.log = \
self._svnlook("info").split("\n", 3)
def __str__(self):
return "%s\n%s\n%s" % (
"-" * len(self.log),
"\n".join(str(c) for c in self.changes.keys()))
class SVNChangeItem(object):
def __init__(self, change_line):
assert change_line[0] in "ADU_"
assert change_line[1] in "U "
assert change_line[2] in "+ "
if change_line[2] == "+":
assert change_line[0] == "A"
self.status = change_line[0]
self.added = (change_line[0] == "A" and change_line[2] == " ")
self.deleted = (change_line[0] == "D")
self.updated = (change_line[0] == "U")
self.prop_changed = (change_line[1] == "U")
self.copied = (change_line[2] == "+")
self.path = change_line.split(None, 2)[-1]
if self.copied:
self.path, rem = self.path.split("\n", 1)
rem = rem.strip()
assert rem[0] == "(" and rem[-1] == ")"
self.source, self.rev = rem[1:-1].split()[1].split(":r")
def __str__(self):
if self.copied:
return "%s (copied from %s)" % (self.path, self.source)
status_map = {
"_": "prop-change",
"A": "added",
"D": "deleted",
"U": "updated",
return "%s (%s)" % (self.path, status_map[self.status])
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