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An easy way to use pull-to-refresh and pull-to-load-more. This repo was learn from MJRefresh, a famous pull-refresh component.

SwiftPackageManager Compatible



  • Pull Down from top to Refresh.
  • Pull Up from bottom to load more data.
  • Basic configuration to display refresh/load state.
  • Layout of pull views can be more diverse.
  • Text Easy to Localization.


  • iOS 8.0+
  • Xcode 11
  • Swift 5.1

What kinds of controls to refresh can use it?

UIScrollView and all of subclass of it.


Swift Package Manager

Append dependence into your library's Package.swift

dependencies: [
.package(url: "", .branch("master")),

Or append with the URL and branch from menu "File - Swift Package - Add Package Dependency..."


Append dependence into your Cartfile

github "shawnclovie/SpotPullRefresh" "master"

How to use

Please look code in SpotPullRefreshDemo/ViewController.swift for runnable example.

Kinds of controls

// Superclass of all other view
  • Pull down Refresh
// Superclass of pull down refresh view
class PullRefreshView: PullBaseView

// View with state label and last updated time label
class PullRefreshStateView: PullRefreshView

// View with arrowView and indicator (show on loading, left of state label) 
class PullRefreshIndicationStateView: PullRefreshStateView

// View with imageView to present animation (show on loading)
class PullRefreshAnimationStateView: PullRefreshStateView

In your viewDidLoad():

let refresher = PullRefreshIndicationStateView { [weak self] in
	// do something like make URLRequest on sub thread
	// after finished, notify refresher
	DispatchQueue.main.async {
		guard let self = self else {return}
// do something to config refresher, e.g.
// setup arrowView, set image or add subviews (center to .zero)
// set stateTitleRenderer and lastUpdatedTimeTextRenderer of refresher for localization.
// refresher.lastUpdatedTimeLabelEnabled = true/false

scrollView.spot_pullDownRefreshView = refresher
  • Pull up Load more
// Superclass of pull up load view
class PullLoadView: PullBaseView

// View with state label
class PullLoadStateView: PullLoadView

// View with indicator (show on loading, left of state label) 
class PullLoadIndicationStateView: PullLoadStateView

// View with imageView to present animation (show on loading)
class PullLoadAnimationStateView: PullLoadStateView

In your viewDidLoad(), do almost same thing to make pull down view:

let moreDataLoader = PullLoadIndicationStateView { [weak self] in
	// do something like make URLRequest on sub thread
	// after finished, notify moreDataLoader
	DispatchQueue.main.async {
		guard let self = self,
			let pullUp = self.tableView.spot_pullUpLoadView
			else {return}
		if /* did load all data and no more */ {
		} else {
// do something to config moreDataLoader, e.g.
// set moreDataLoader.stateTitleRenderer for localization.
scrollView.spot_pullUpLoadView = moreDataLoader


SpotPullRefresh is released under the MIT license.

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