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LuaProxy for cocos2d-x, include CocosBuilder support for lua, and other cocos2d-extension support for lua, and easy to use function.

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Current version: 2.1.5, support cocos2d-x 2.1.5 and 2.2.x
LuaProxy for cocos2d-x, include CocosBuilder support for lua, and other cocos2d-extension support for lua, and easy to use function.
当前版本:2.1.5,支持cocos2d-x 2.1.5及2.2.x

LuaProxy have been merged in quick-cocos2d-x. LuaProxy已被整合进quick-cocos2d-x。

##For cocos2d-x 3.0 alpha# Changes of 3.0 is huge, I think I'll use more time to port.
And, I hope to support JavaScript Binding, so LuaProxy is going to rename to "ScriptProxy". But lua is main target to support.
Most files had changed name, because this is a new start, for LuaProxy, and your game project.

##LuaProxy 2.1.4 for cocos2d-x 2.1.4# Don't add tolua_extensions_ccb_open(lua_State) to AppDelegate.cpp.
For iOS: And remove CCBProxy., Lua_extensions_CCB. at lib/cocos2d/lua/cocos2dx_support (4 files).
iOS中要从Xcode工程中移除CCBProxy., Lua_extensions_CCB.(共4个文件)。

##Change Log# 2013-8-27 LuaProxy 2.1.5 up. Rename class CCBProxy -> LuaProxy, supported cocos2d-x 3.0, change directory struct.
2013-6-19 Moved some functions about ui to ui/UIUtil from CCBProxy. Moved UIEventDispatcher into UIUtil.h/.cpp no longer stand alone. Add CameraEyeAction to do some 3d effect.
2013-6-14 Add CCGLProgram support for lua.
2013-6-9 Support cocos2d-x 2.1.3.
2013-5-29 Add two LuaTableView events, and ui/UIUtil for useful functions.
2013-5-16 Add static functions to LuaEventHandler to direct call lua function.
2013-4-8 Add scroll bar support for LuaTableView. Temporary remove support for CCEditBox.
2013-3-28 Fix for support cocos2d-x 2.1.1.
2013-3-22 Bug fix: LuaTableView is "null" userdata in lua. Add LuaCallFuncInterval for call lua function every frame in duration seconds.
2013-3-19 Change main include file name to luaopen_LuaProxy.h - All function useful for lua will be add, not only CC_Extension.

##Step 1 Add LuaProxy files to your project# Create a Lua based cocos2d-x project, or open your project that added Lua support.
Copy LuaProxy directory into Classes, add all file into project (ui/* is optional).

##Step 2 Add C++ Code# Open CCAppDelegate.cpp, add include like this:

#include "tolua/luaopen_LuaProxy.h"

Move to the line that got CCLuaEngine, add this:


Now you can do those things in lua, but we must create a CCBProxy at first, I wrote this in lua:

local proxy = LuaProxy:create()
-- !!
-- If you want to handle CCControlButton, you must retain the proxy,
-- And kept variable "proxy" to global or global table.
-- While the button won't be use, just like scene poped, you'd batter release the proxy.
-- proxy:retain()

##About CCBI#

###Load ccbi made by CocosBuilder# Maybe you have a ccbi file named "ui-start.ccbi", root node typed with "CCLayer", place it in "Resources/ccb", call this in lua:

local n = proxy:readCCBFromFile("ccb/ui-start.ccbi") -- Got a CCNode
local l = tolua.cast(n, "CCLayer") -- Cast the node into CCLayer

Now you can add the "l" into any scene.

###Referrence any node in ccbi# We'd loaded a ccbi as layer, but you want access a CCLabelTTF, marked "owner" and named "label" in CocosBuilder, and a CCControlButton named "button". Just do this:

local lbl = tolua.cast(proxy:getNode"label", "CCLabelTTF")
lbl:setString("some string")
local btn = tolua.cast(proxy:getNode"button", "CCControlButton")

When CCBProxy read ccbi, it has saved all member variable into a CCDictionary.
So if you'd loaded other ccbi and any variable defined same name, the old one will be lost in the CCDictionary.

###Proxy CCControlButton event with any function# There are two way to do the thing.

-- Handle single button event, you must kept the proxy (retain it, release after the button never use.)
proxy:handleButtonEvent(btn, function(s, e) print(s, e) end, 0) -- 0 means UpInside

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LuaProxy for cocos2d-x, include CocosBuilder support for lua, and other cocos2d-extension support for lua, and easy to use function.






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