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My configs for vim, git, tmux, and a plethora of BASH stuff. For a general idea of what it looks like/how it acts see


Depending on the install options you pick you'll need git and additionally

If you choose to install vim configs:

  • Vim 7.4+ (7.3 if you don't want line numbers and relative line numbers at the same time like I do)

If you choose to install my tmux configs:

  • python and pip (On Ubuntu 14.04 you may into an ImportError bug, if so see this LaunchPad link for a workaround)
  • tmux 1.9a (This will be distro dependent so you'll have to install it yourself. If you stay on 1.8 you'll get weirdness, just upgrade)


  1. Clone the repo
  2. cd into it and run ./install
  3. It'll ask which parts you want to install (git configs, vim configs, tmux configs)
  4. After it's done close your terminal and reopen it 3 times... ok, just once.
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