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Skeleton project for pretty tutorials/presentations sourced from a markdown file

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Patched version of which supports a 'source' tag, along with some extra features to navigate the tutorial files I tend to generate which are bulleted list outlines of the content.


  • clone this repo
  • rename example.html to whatever you want it to be
  • Specifying markdown can be done any of the following ways:
    • Putting it directly into the <xmp></xmp> tag. (Base functionality of strapdown)
    • A reference in in the 'source' attribute of the xmp tag, reference being one of:
      • source="" - Reference to file on the same server
      • source="githubuser/repo" - Will pull the README at master from the given repo
      • source="githubuser/repo:some/doc/path/foo.mkd" - Github user/repo:filepath-from-repo-root
      • source="githubuser/repo:some/doc/path/foo.mkd:abe823e" - Github ref at specific commit id
    • Specify as a source= query parameter in any of the above formats
  • If needed configure the focusSelector to be whatever you want to jump between, defaults to ul > li. See example in example.html. As with source this can be specified as a focus= query parameter
  • If needed you can turn code prettifying on/off, see example.html (defaults to on)


  • Base styles to make things look generally better than the default slate theme
  • j/k navigation highlighting the current talking point
  • That's pretty much all I need. I mean, it just renders a markdown file pretty-like and lets me display it in a highly readable way for presentations

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Skeleton project for pretty tutorials/presentations sourced from a markdown file






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