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Play nice with pathogen #2

merged 1 commit into from Sep 23, 2011

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Moves phpcomplete.vim to ftplugin.

That way pathogen, Vundle, and all the other script/bundle/package managers that work with scm can use the live repository.

@Taverius Taverius Move files to play nice with pathogen et al.
Move phpcomplete.vim to ftplugin so as to allow direct
repository usage with pathogen, Vundle, Vim-Addon-Manager
and similar managers.
@shawncplus shawncplus merged commit 11438f2 into shawncplus:master Sep 23, 2011
tasuk commented Jan 7, 2012

I use pathogen with vim 7.2 and vim still loads the system default phpcomplete. Do I need to add anything to my .vimrc for this to work?

Putting phpcomplete.vim into autoload does the trick. Like this:
$ mv ~/.vim/bundle/phpcomplete/{ftplugin,autoload}

I'd rather use your version directly, though.

[edit: if you get email notifications, sorry for all the confusion with the autoload/autocomplete, first I wrote it wrong, then wrote a new comment, then found out I can edit my comments here]


I second tasuk's comment. I needed to move it in to the autoload folder for it to play nice with pathogen.

markwu commented Oct 4, 2012

I third this comment. After checking with scriptnames, I found it because vim load the default phpcomplete.vim under /usr/share/vim/vim73/autoload/phpcomplete.vim instead of the one locate in ftplugin.

Anyway to work this?

** I use Ubuntu 12.04 with Vim 7.3 installed from apt-get.

markwu commented Oct 4, 2012

It seems no way to open this issue again. Hope @shawncplus can see this comment.

markwu commented Oct 4, 2012

There are several ways to conquer this issue:

  1. create a autoload folder under .vim, and create a symbolic link this ftplugin/phpcomplete.vim
  2. rename the folder ftplugin to autoload
  3. create a file under plugin and source phpcomplete.vim by yourself, or move phpcomplete.vim to plugin folder directly.

I am still looking a better way or say right way.


I see it, I'll check it out after work. My bet for the issue is that pathogen loading happens after ftplugin loading so, in effect, it's just never seen. Manual installs into autoload/ftplugin would work but pathogen wouldn't. I'll see what I can do.

markwu commented Oct 4, 2012

@shawncplus Thanks, I forgot to mention I use Vundle. Mark.

qstrahl commented Feb 25, 2013

This issue fixed by #9

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