A test of the subtly amazing Zen writing tool by @github
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Oh Github

Do you know what I'd think is awesome? Well, this writing tool that you've made, I'm using it now - for the first time, and I think it is so subtly amazing that I'm actually enjoying writing this. This README.md file on http://github.com.

But do you what?

I can't even wait to start editing code on this, the thought of even starting from scratch - to make awesome things using code just the thought is making me go warm and fuzzy inside. And if I'm honest even just writing prose on it is enjoyable, I cant imagine how it must feel to write code - I'm editing a markdown file now - in what started as an effort to try out something that you've made. And I won't lie its looking good.


While writing this though for my own enjoyment two things happend.

  • I felt the overwhelming urge to thank someone at github for making this. Which if we're honest with each other dear reader is quite subjective - nice but subjective.

  • I realised that I wanted to be able to link to this. Not the main github page of my code repository (although I will want to do that of course) but to this markdown rendered zen mode view of what I want to show them, be that code or prose.

  • And as a side effect of trying out something I saw that looked interesting and turned out to be brilliant, I thought wouldn't be great if, when editing markdown all lines that my cursor wasn't on, reverted to the actual markdown result? Thereby allowing me to stay "ine the zone" in a zen like undisturbed state while crafting the thing I want to craft using a simple (read: Gets out of my way but lets me do what I need to do when I need to do it) yet beautiful tool to both write and write code.

If you got this far and you've not actually used Github's new zen writing tool, I seriously suggest you do - here's the link, even if its just to see how this page that I typed looked so amazing that I couldn't help but write it.

Thank you whoever made this. Thank you very much.

You've impressed me. and I don't doubt there will be many many people who work with text on the web that will be as grateful as me that you've given it to them for free.

Christopher de Beer

A test of Zen writing tool

made by @github

This thing is brilliant. See above. I hope someone working at github.com reads this, if only to express to them how much I love this thing that they've made writing code.

As an after thought you should check out the first commit message of this file. 
I've pasted after this block using one of githubs nice little features (read: UX tid bit)

SHA: ad708a85547bd93c8174bc45f6fe719f422822bc

Some other views of this would be a fair addendum to this post, so here is @imjared 's rather cynical take on the zen writing too. It almost only just goes to prove how simple and idea it reall it. I enjoyed writing this, if you enjoyed reading it you can find me on twitter @christopherdebeer

Comments welcome, discuss on Hacker News