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a sample rubric

Criterion / Score 0 Not satisfactory 1 2 Satisfactory 3 4 Excels Points
Compelling: catches attention Does not use the affordances of the platform well in service of the concept Slight use Plays with the affordances in a way that shows awareness of the issue Plays with the affordances of the platform in a way that captures attention Plays with the affordances of the platform in a seamless way demonstrating mastery of the procedural rhetorics involved /4
Compelling: it is complete Does not address the historical questions raised. Touches upon the issues slightly Engages/subverts the issues in a workaday manner Engages/subverts the issues with thoughtfulness Fully engages/subverts the issues with elan and flair /4
Compelling: is it 'truthful' Does not engage with the secondary literature and scholarship A minimal engagement A basic awareness with the standard secondary literature and scholarship Engages with the secondary literature in meaningful ways Engages with the secondary literature in insightful ways, advances novel perspectives on this material /4
Effectiveness: is it consumable? The work is incomprehensible The work requires serious effort on the part of the user to understand The work is reasonably easy to understand. The work is clear, the logic of the arrangement makes sense and serves the argument The arrangement of the work subtly directs the user through the material in ways that make the logic of the argument 'obvious' to the user. /4
Effectiveness: aesthetics The design shows no awareness of an audience, no concession to making it easy to understand Some concession A basic use of standard templates The design shows some customization of templates, or design from scratch that works aesthetically The design is carefully rendered so as to make the platform itself recede into the background; in the words of Jobs, 'it just works' /4
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