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Designer Font

A typeface for designers and creators alike.

When I was designing UIs, making wireframes, I tended to make notes as a wheel of context. It was tiresome to do it on paper then scan the work. So I decided to make a typeface to help me speed up the process. And it turns out that it can be used for other things as well. See example below and maybe checkout final product.




  • Uppercases, numbers, and a set of other characters (!@#$%&*(){}[]|:;'".,<>?/).
  • There are ligatures, automatically changing on repeating characters, e.g, words like moon and office don't get similar oo & ff.

Try first

Checkout this simple Nodepad I made to showcase the typeface.


Download from below and double-click to install in your computer. You can also use this as a webfont.

Type Link
Truetype download
Woff download

Enjoy and give credit where it's due :)