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The Milky Way

An HTML5 browser game for people and the web.

The Milky Way is a web browser game played fairly by one’s thumb or mouse. It is still in the making and simply serves as a learning slate to building simple responsive games with vanilla JavaScript.


This is level 1, score is zero, timer starts count from 50 seconds down to zero, and player has only 3 lives. The player has to charge or discharge orbit by aiming and bouncing player agaisnt wall to hit targets. Charging is when player hits (+) target when orbit is cool (gray), and discharging is when player hits (-) target when orbit is hot (red). The rulers are there to help player aim at their target.



Doesn’t require any setting up, just clone or download the repository and open index.html in your browser.

Pull request

You are welcome to contribute.

More Examples






Copyright (c) 2016 Shawn Lukas. Licensed under the MIT license.