Sample web app to demo end-to-end security w/ JavaEE, Spring Security and RBAC fine-grained authorization. All connections use SSL.
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README for Apache Fortress Demo End-to-End Security Example

Security Layers in this Demo

Apache Fortress Demo Security Layers

Document Overview

This document is the starting point for the apache fortress demo web app. It provides directions to download the source package from github, and generate a java document that contains the actual installation instructions.

Prerequisites for target environment

  1. Debian or Redhat Liunx variant machine with OpenSSL installed.
  2. Java 8
  3. Apache Maven 3++
  4. Apache Tomcat 8++
  5. Firefox Web Browser
  6. Successful installation (of an LDAP server) and passing integration tests in either of these two Apache Fortress Core Quickstart guides:

These instructions have been recently modified to use either openldap and apacheds LDAP servers. Be sure to choose the correct instructions, either Apache Directory SSL or OpenLDAP SSL.

Instructions for downloading and generating the install doc

  1. Download ZIP

  2. Extract the contents to your local machine.

  3. cd apache-fortress-demo-master

  4. Set java and maven home env variables.

  5. Generate the java document that contains the demo installation instructions:

mvn javadoc:javadoc
  1. Perform these steps: