Role-Based Access Control System for Python implements ANSI INCITS 359
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py-fortress README

Fortress Role-Based Access Control py-fortress

Document Contents

  • Links to Install and Setup Docs
  • About py-fortress and Role-Based Access Control

Links to Install and Setup Docs

Located under the doc folder and include:

Link Description
1. README-BUILDING To build the package from source
2. README-QUICKSTART Beginners start here
4. README-INSTALL Install with PyPI Package
5. README-API API Usage Guide
6. README-CLI CLI for RBAC Admin and Review
7. README-CLI-AUTH CLI for RBAC System Testing

About py-fortress and Role-Based Access Control

About py-fortress

  • Security access control APIs for the Python3 platform.
  • Requires an LDAP server to store the policy data. Support for a File backend in the works.
  • Published to PyPI as py-fortress.
  • Compliant with ANSI INCITS 359 RBAC0, a.k.a "Core RBAC".
  • Sponsored by SYMAS
  • Released under Apache License 2.0.

Links to the API Modules

The following modules have inline code docs describing the API signatures, required attributes and usages.

Link Description
1. access_mgr create session, check access, add, drop active roles
2. admin_mgr add, update, delete, assign, deassign entities
3. review_mgr read and search entities and their relationships

Related Project

We're related to the Apache Fortress Java implementation and share:

The Apache Fortress Core has capabilities that py-fortress doesn't, like Hierarchical Roles (RBAC1), Static Separation of Duties (RBAC2) and Dynamic Separation of Duties (RBAC3).

About Role-Based Access Control


  • Many-to-many relationship between Users, Roles and Permissions. Selective Role activation into Sessions. API to add, update, delete and search entity data; perform access control decisions during runtime.
  • Link to ANSI INCITS 359 Specification

More RBAC info