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py-fortress QUICKSTART

Table of Contents

  • Document Overview
  • SECTION 1. Prerequisites
  • SECTION 2. Setup Test Env
  • SECTION 3. Run Integration Tests
  • SECTION 4. Run Simple Test Samples
  • SECTION 5. View the Test Data using Command Line Interpreter (CLI)

Document Overview

Instructions to install py-fortress and do some basic testing.

SECTION 1. Prerequisites

Minimum hardware requirements:

  • 1 Core
  • 1 GB RAM

Minimum software requirements:

  • Linux machine
  • Python3 and virtualenv (venv) or system install of the ldap3 python module
  • completion of README-LDAP-DOCKER

SECTION 2. Setup Test Env

Follow these steps to install py-fortress package and get it pointing to your LDAP server.

  1. Make a test folder:

    md test    
    cd test
  2. Prepare your terminal for execution of python3. From the main dir of the git repo:

    pyvenv env
    . env/bin/activate
    export PYTHONPATH=$(pwd)
  3. Install py-fortress

    pip install py-fortress
  4. Download and edit py-fortress-cfg.json config file to test folder:

    vi py-fortress-cfg.json
  5. Set the LDAP Port

    "ldap": {
      "port": 32768,

    use value obtained during LDAP setup

  6. Update the connection parameters (pick one):

    a. apacheds:

    "dn": "uid=admin,ou=system",

    b. openldap:

    "dn": "cn=Manager,dc=example,dc=com",
  7. Set the structure in DIT:

    "dit": {
        "suffix": "dc=example,dc=com",
        "users": "People",
        "roles": "Roles",
        "perms": "Perms"

    if in doubt use the defaults

  8. Save and exit config file.

  9. Run the bootstrap pgm that creates the LDAP node structure, i.e. the DIT


    initldap is a python script, created during install of py-fortress package, that maps here: pyfortress.test.test_dit_dao Locations for these nodes are set in the config file.

SECTION 3. Run Integration Tests

These test verify the code and the ldap server are working correctly.

  1. Run the admin mgr tests:

    $ python3 -m pyfortress.test.test_admin_mgr 
  2. Run the access mgr tests:

    $ python3 -m pyfortress.test.test_access_mgr
  3. Run the review mgr tests:

    $ python3 -m pyfortress.test.test_review_mgr 

SECTION 4. Run Simple Test Samples

These are simple tests designed to instruct API usage.

  1. Run the samples:

    $ python3 -m pyfortress.test.test_samples 
  2. View the test_samples and learn how RBAC APIs work.

SECTION 5. View the Test Data using Command Line Interpreter (CLI)

View the test data inserted earlier.

  1. user search

    $ cli user search --uid p
  2. role search

    $ cli role search --name p
  3. perm search

    $ cli perm search --obj_name p
  4. More CLI commands