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Mandrill Dot Net

NuGet Build Status


Visual Studio users can install this directly into their .NET projects by executing the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package Mandrill


Mandrill Dot Net is a library that wraps the Mandrill mail API to easily get started in sending mail. It contains methods that accepts requests that matches the structure of the Mandrill API docs. Required properties are accepted in the Request's constructor.


Reference the Mandrill.dll library in your project or download from NuGet.

Api Docs


MandrillApi api = new MandrillApi("xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx");
UserInfo info = await api.UserInfo();

All endpoints are covered by integration tests and can be used as a reference.

Necessary prerequisites

Net Core / NetStandard now supports these platforms.

.NET 4.5

This wrapper uses async and await, hence the dependency on .NET 4.5.

.NET 4

Support for .NET 4 has be dropped. The last build for .NET 4 is the NuGet version 1.3.1. The code can be found on tag .net-4.0. Async and Sync methods were merged into using the async pattern as suggested as best practice by the parallel programming team at microsoft.


Building the source

Integration Tests are currently being re-written in xunit with the new .net core support.


  1. Eli Schleifer
  2. Marko
  3. Maksymilian Majer
  4. Moacyr Rodrigues Pereira
  5. Stephen Jazdzewski
  6. Jacob Rillema
  7. Chad Tolkien
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