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A racket client for the Coderwall API

Example of how to get a hash of team members' names to badges (shortened for space):

> (define rackspace (make-team "4f271941973bf0000400037b"))
> (user-names-to-badges rackspace)
'#hash(("Shawn Smith" . ("Python 3" "Python" "Castor" "Charity")))

Get list of badge names for a user:

> (define shawn (make-user "shawnps"))
> (user-badge-names shawn)
'("Python 3" "Python" "Castor" "Charity")

Get a hash of user badge names to descriptions:

> (define shawn (make-user "shawnps"))
> (badges-to-descriptions shawn)
'#hash(("Charity" . "Fork and commit to someone's open source project in need")
       ("Castor" . "Made something awesome")
       ("Python 3" . "Have at least three original repos where Python is the dominant language")
       ("Python" . "Would you expect anything less? Have at least one original repo where Python is the dominant language"))