Tools and resources to aid in learning and playing Advanced Squad Leader (ASL).
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The openASL project is an open source, collaborative effort providing tools and resources to help both play and learn Advanced Squad Leader (ASL). This project was originally created by Ross Mulcare due to his finding that the available ASL materials were lacking in one way or another. The materials in this project are meant to be highly readable for beginning ASL players, but also as useful refreshers for more advanced ASL players.

As this project grows, Ross and I would love to see a collaboration of ASL players submitting pull requests to submit new material, enhancing existing material, or forking this master project in an attempt to create even more customized Advanced Squad Leader guides and player aids.

What is ASL?

Advanced Squad Leader has been the standard in tactical combat since its 1985 debut. A thriving community of ASL players extends throughout the world. No other game matches its flexability, scope, and challenge. Players can simulate nearly any battle in any theater up to the battalion level. Maneuver 10-man squads, 5-man half squads, and individual leaders and vehicles across a combination of over 68 geomorphic map boards or fight a campaign on one of several highly detailed campaign game map sheets.

Learn more about Advanced Squad Leader by visiting:

File Organization and Structure.

To make things as cleanly simple as possible every topic will be organized within its own directory structure:

  • Specific topics will be sorted and organized within their own directory (e.g. all topics regarding portage will be located in the Portage directory)
  • Player_Aids: Player aids will be sorted and organized within their own directory underneath the Player_Aids folder
  • Organization_Guides: Chit, map, and overlay organizational guides will be sorted and organized within their own directory underneath the Organization_Guides folder
  • Scenario_Notes: Scenario notes, scenario help files, scenario tutorials, and scenario FAQs will we be sorted by name, and placed within their own directory underneath the Scenario_Notes folder
  • Scenarios: Individual scenarios will be placed within their own directory underneath the Scenarios folder
  • Tutorials: Tutorials will be sorted by name, and placed within their own directory underneath the Tutorials folder

When uploading new files please try to use the most descriptive filename as possible, and avoid using blank spaces between words in the filename.

Files within these directores will fall under these standardized file formats when possible:

  • - GitHub's markdown format
  • filename.txt - Plain-text formatting
  • filename.tex - LaTeX formatting
  • filename.dvi - LaTeX compiled file
  • filename.pdf - Portable Document Format
  • filename.xls - Microsoft Excel formatting
  • filename.doc - Microsoft Word formatting. Note, please try and restrict the use of Microsoft Word whenever possible.
  • filename.nfo - Plain-text file describing what topic is being discussed in detail.
  • - Python script

Trademark and Copyright Information

Advanced Squad Leader is a trademark of Avalon hill Games, Inc., and is used by Multiman Publishing with permission from Avalon Hill Games, Inc., a Hasbro affiliate. All rights reserved.

Any content located in this project is in no way an attempt to infringe on the intellectual property, copyright, or trademark of either Hasbro or Multiman Publishing.