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Polkadot Wiki

This repository contains the source files for the Polkadot wiki.

Running locally

Note that you will need the pip package manager, which is generally installed with Python.

Clone the repository to your local file system.

git clone

Install mkdocs by using the pip package manager.

pip install mkdocs --user

Now install all necessary dependencies, once again by using pip.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run mkdocs serve from the repository root to spawn a hot reloading development server and navigate to localhost:8000 in a web browser.


The wiki is hosted on Read the Docs and is built on each published commit to the master branch on the GitHub repository.


Mkdocs-Material is used to give the wiki its sleek theme.


Please read over the rules for contribution at the CONTRIBUTING document.

Contributor set-up

As a contributor, you will need to run npm i in the local copy of your repository after you bring it down.

Adding a new page

If you add a page please ensure that you give it the correct placement in the navigation by manually inputting it in the mkdocs.yml under the nav field. It is done in this way in order to have more control in how pages are displayed on the UI and give better organization to topics.


We set husky hooks up to catch spelling errors. If you are being prevented from committing, just run npm run spellcheck:interactive to use the interactive debugger and fix your spelling.


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