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The central source of truth for Polkadot.
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Polkadot Wiki

The Polkadot Wiki is the central source of truth for Polkadot. It is a community-focused initiative led by the Web3 Foundation to keep an up-to-date resource on the best information for building on Polkadot, learning about Polkadot, or maintaining a node on Polkadot.

Contributing to Documentation

The Wiki is a community-focused initiative and we will review all pull-requests and issues created in this repository. If you notice typos or grammatical errors, please feel free to directly create pull requests with these corrections. Larger contributions may start as issues to test the waters on the subject with the maintainers. It is generally preferable to create a pull request over an issue to propose a change to the wiki content.

Style Guide

  • Break lines at 120 characters.
  • Newlines between headers and text.
  • No double line breaks.

Automated Deployments

The wiki is automatically deployed to GitHub Pages via the CircleCI job on each new commit to the master branch.


We are using Crowdin to manage all different translations. You can go to the project page and select the language you would like to translate to start.
All translated content through Crowdin will regularly submit a pull request to this repository.

If you do not see the language you would like to translate, please let us know via Riot.


The Polkadot Wiki is licensed under the GPL-3.0 free software license.

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