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easily compile solidity files from rust
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this is a work in progress. it works as described in the example. the API might change frequently in the future

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easily compile solidity files from rust

shells out to solc or solcjs (whichever is available in that order).

either solc (C++) or solcjs (JS) must be installed and in $PATH.
click here to see how to install solc
click here to see how to install solcjs

extern crate solc;

fn main() {
    let input_directory = "./contracts";
    let output_directory = "./contracts";

    // first tries solc
    // then tries solcjs
    // returns error if no compiler available
    solc::compile_dir(&input_directory, &output_directory).unwrap();

    // now `./contracts` contains a `*.bin` and a `*.abi` file
    // for every contract found in `*.sol` file in `./contracts`

this is an early version that likely misses features. open an issue if you're missing something

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