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A stable package of the substrate-node-template and substrate-ui
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Substrate Package

A stable, known working version of the Substrate Node Template and Substrate UI.

How to use it:

  • Run git clone

  • Run cd substrate-package.

  • Run curl -sSf | bash -s -- --fast

    • This installs external dependencies needed for substrate. Take a look at the script.
    • The --fast command allows us to skip the cargo install steps for substrate and subkey, which is not needed for runtime development.
    • Windows users need to follow instructions here instead
  • Run ./ <project_name> <your_name>

    • This renames the project folders, and the binary file that gets created when you compile your runtime
  • Go into the <project_name> folder and run:

    • ./scripts/
    • cargo build --release
    • ./target/release/<project_name> --dev
    • This should start your node, and you should see blocks being created
  • Go into the <project_name>-ui folder and run:

    • yarn install
    • yarn run dev
    • This should start a web server on localhost:8000 where you can interact with your node
  • Interact with your node and hack away!

What is this?

How was it made?

substrate-node-template was created by running substrate-node-new.

substrate-ui was created by running substrate-ui-new.

What is tested to work?

  • substrate-node-template is fully compatible with substrate-ui included with this package:
    • Balance Transfer
    • Runtime Upgrades
    • Creating new UI elements for new modules
  • Gav's Web3 Summit Demo
  • Substratekitties Tutorial
  • Substrate Documentation

Why do I need substrate-package?

Substrate is a rapidly evolving platform, which means that breaking changes may occur on a day to day basis. Most of the times, these breaking changes do not radically change how substrate works, but may affect how Substrate is organized, the name of functions, the name of modules, etc...

If you try to create a new substrate-node-template with the substrate-node-new command, you will pull the latest version of substrate which may not be compatible with different parts of the development ecosystem, such as:

  • Documentation
  • Tutorials
  • Samples
  • User Interfaces
  • etc...

The substrate-package repository tries to help solve these problems by taking a snapshot of substrate when it is known to be working and compatible with these different resources.

Most of these issues should go away once Substrate v1.0 is released and we have a stable API.

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