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Archived Project

I am no longer using this for my blog, but feel free to use it as the basis of yours. I've moved to a static site generator (@11ty). You can see that repo here:

Project Status: Archived

I re-wrote my blog using a new stack of web technologies including:

  • .NET 5
  • ASP.NET Core 5
  • Entity Framework Core 5
  • Vue
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Azure Websites (Docker)
  • Azure Blob Storage

The project wasn't build to be a blog engine or a easy to re-use for your own blog. It doesn't mean you can't use it for that. Feel free to fork the project, but that wasn't a design goal.

The current project is built with many pre-release technologies so that the code-base will change a lot as these technologies get closer to release.

See my blog entry (and the live site) for more information on how and why I built it: