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A HTML based mini application, written in JavaScript to allow you to host BBC B Disk images on a website.

Brief update as to what is happening with this project...

Thanks to those who continue to report bugs and suggest fixes, but rather than try to patch this version, I've started a re-write of it using Microsoft's new Blazor technologies. As with anything that's not a work project, and I do for fun & adventure, I cannot devote specific amounts of time to it, so it's very much a case of being able to do small bits on it among the many projects I have on the go at any given time.

Please do continue to report errors and such like, I will get the new version up and online as soon as I have anything that resembles good/working code :-)

What is it?

Nothing particularly special, but if you have a collection of SSD based DFS disk image files from a BBC Micro (or emulator) it allows you to list your image files on your website using nothing more than pure HTML (It doesn't need PHP/C#/NodeJS or anything similar)

It also allows you to list the files inside the image, and provides a means to download either the full image or just a single file from inside the image.

Files are download with a name that preserves the BBC file attributes as follows:


<dir> is ommitted if the file is in the root '$' directory.

How to use it

There are 2 files 'index.html' and 'disks.json'.

index.html is the main viewing HTML page, drop it in a web accessable folder on your web server, then access it via a browser as you would for any normal web page. DO BE AWARE though, that it does use Twitter Bootstrap and some modern HTML5 tech such as flexbox to help with the layout and styling, and it does require JavaScript to work too, so it needs a reasonably modern browser circa the last 5 years or so.

PLEASE NOTE: it CANNOT be run directly from disk, as the security model built into modern browsers will not allow the code in the page to load the disks.json file. There are ways round this, by embedding the json data directly in the HTML web page, however you will still then have the same problem loading the disk images, if your running this locally you'll need to run it via a server such as "Apache", "Nginx", "Light HTTPD" or "IIS".

open the 'disks.json' file in a text editor of your choice, and you'll see that it's a simple javascript data format.

Each line is enclosed in [] and seperated by commas, each line forms a single javascript object that describes a single disk image EG:

{ "name": "tbi55-1.ssd", "diskTitle": "Dreamscape Demo", "diskType": "Single Sided" },

in this example, the disk image name is "tbi55-1.ssd" the title (Displayed in the table in the HTML) is "Dreamscape Demo" and the type is "Single Sided"

At present, the code ONLY supports single sided disks. I may at some point get time to expand it to double sided, and even ADFS formatted disks, but for now this is all I had time for.

once you've listed your disks in 'disks.json', place the file in the same folder as your html file, create a folder called 'disks' and add your images into that folder.

When done, point your browser at the server you placed it on, and you should be able to see your disks and thier contents listed.

The code in this repository is ready to go, and set up to host the disk images of my software published on 8BS.COM.

Bonus Stuff

You'll also find a zip file called "", in this zip you'll find some not quite complete PHP server scripts that perform the same function as the HTML viewer, but instead require a PHP enable server to use, I wrote these quite a long time ago, so I don't even know if they work or not anymore, use them at your own risk.


As with much of the stuff like this, I really don't have any time to support it, what you see is what you get and I assume a reasonable level of technical competence by anyone playing with any of this stuff.

That said, you can generally get an answer from me as "@shawty_ds" on Twitter, or as "" on GMail if your totally and hoplesly stuck.


A HTML based mini application, written in JavaScript to allow you to host BBC B Disk images on a website.




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