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Tricks for Colab power users
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Google Colaboratory tips and tricks


Hi, ghost of Billy Mays here with some fantastic new products:

# ngrok-tricks.ipynb

Open In Colab

Have you ever wanted to...

  • SSH into a Colab instance?
  • View Tensorboard while you're training?
  • Use rsync to upload a bunch of files to a Colab instance?
  • Use rsync to download a bunch of results without using Colab's annoying web interface?

... then click here for a step-by-step walkthrough!

# Scraping via Headless Chrome

Want to capture a screenshot of a webpage, then morph it into a face using StyleGAN? Me neither! But now you can:

# Attention, your attention please!

All you've ever wanted to know about attention in ML. Four great notebooks that will leave you wanting four more:


Slice and dice your images! Real-time image segmentation via YOLACT++:

# Artisan TPUs

Call 1-800-LOL-TPUS to order our limited-edition handcrafted artistan TPUs.

# Testimonials

"What's a TPU?" -- John Titor

Don't delay; train today!

Twitter: @theshawwn

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