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Ethereum/EVM Node Security Toolkit
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Ethereum Node Security Toolkit

Handy toolkit for (security) researchers poking around Ethereum nodes and contracts, now with a slick command-line interface, with auto complete commands and history.

Other functionalities:

  • Conversions (toWei, fromWei, keccak, etc)
  • Query for balance, code, storage of smart contracts, ecrecover
  • etc

This package is extremely beta


Require Python 3.7.0.

cd Legions
pip install .


pip install legions


If installed locally:

python legions/

or if installed globally:




Command [Subcommand] Description
sethost Setup the Web3 connection (RPC, IPC, HTTP) (default to infura mainnet)
getnodeinfo Information about the connected node (run setnode before this)
conversions Conversions possible to do with Web3
fromWei Converts the input to ether (to currency default to ether)
toWei Converts the input to Wei (from currency default to ether)
keccak keccak hash of the input
toBytes Converts the input to hex representation of its Bytes
toChecksumAddress Converts the input to Checksum Address
toHex Converts the input text to Hex
fromWei Converts the input to ether (or specified currency)
query Query Blockchain (Storage, balance, etc)
balance Get Balance of an account
block Get block details by block number
code Get code of the smart contract at address
ecrecover Get address associated with the signature (ecrecover) BUGGY
storage Read the storage of a contract (count default = 10)
command Manual RPC method with args
investigate Investigate further in the node (e.g. check if accounts are unlocked, etc)
accounts Investigate accounts (e.g. check if accounts are unlocked, etc)
admin Investigate accounts (e.g. functionalities under the admin_ namespace)
sign Investigate signature functionalities
version Print Versions (If connected to a node it will print the host version too)



  • Fix Verbose Status bar (It does not change from OFF)
  • Print Accounts in getnodeinfo in a pretty format (One per line)
  • A way to reinitiate w3 (web3) by setting it to new host (right now it works for sethost but getnodeinfo still uses the first initiated w3)
  • add way more functionalities
  • chains.json depending on the execution path might not be found. fix it.
  • inline TODOs (tons)
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