Genetic algorithm to solve 3D Tetris.
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Table of Contents


A re-implementation of 3D Tetris, along with a genetic programming algorithm that steadily improves its performance of playing the game.

Includes visualizations through a chart and replays of "fit" individuals in each generation.


Node is required to run the simulation. Python 2 is required to run the genetic algorithm. Python 3 is required to run the web server


  • Python 2.7 or higher (for genetic algorithm), and also python-pip

  • Python 3.5 or higher (for web server), and also python3-pip

  • Node 6.x or higher (for simulation)

Setup Instructions

  • Clone the repository and change directory to it.

  • Set up Python virtual environment. Also make sure that your working directory has no spaces in it.

python3 -m pip install virtualenv flask
python3 -m virtualenv env
python -m pip install virtualenv enum zerorpc
python -m virtualenv env2
  • Set up NPM dependencies.
cd simulation
npm install

How to run

To go into a virtual environment: (Linux/Mac) source env/bin/activate (Windows) env\Scripts\activate

Running the genetic algorithm

To run, you need two terminals.

  1. cd simulation && node index.js

  2. (Make sure this one is in the virtual environment env2) python genetic/

Genetic algorithm will run until 1000 generations by default. This can be configured in

Running the web server

  1. (Make sure this one is in the virtual environment env) python3 genetic/

Server will be visible, by default, on port 80 on localhost. You can compare it to our web server for reference.

The web server hosts data files which consist of a csv file (generations vs score) and a json file (replay data) which configure the ai endpoint. The / endpoint lets you play the game on a browser with WebGL and ES6 support.


Pull requests will always be welcome!


[ ] Use a transpiler for older browser support [ ] Improve genetic algorithm [ ] Alternate views for the 3D Tetris game [ ] Improve documentation [ ] Add testing [ ] And more...