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Klout API client. Usage:
api = KloutAPI('xxxxx')
r ='/users/show', users='shazow,limedaring')
from apiclient import APIClient_SharedSecret
from urllib import urlencode
class KloutError(Exception):
200: "OK: Success",
202: "Accepted: Your request was accepted and the user was queued for processing.",
401: "Not Authorized: either you need to provide authentication credentials, or the credentials provided aren't valid.",
403: "Bad Request: your request is invalid, and we'll return an error message that tells you why. This is the status code returned if you've exceeded the rate limit (see below).",
404: "Not Found: either you're requesting an invalid URI or the resource in question doesn't exist (ex: no such user in our system).",
500: "Internal Server Error: we did something wrong.",
501: "Not implemented.",
502: "Bad Gateway: returned if Klout is down or being upgraded.",
503: "Service Unavailable: the Klout servers are up, but are overloaded with requests. Try again later.",
def __init__(self, status, response=None):
self.status = status
self.response = response
def __str__(self):
return "%s (%s)" % (self.status, self.STATUS_MAP.get(self.status, 'Unknown error.'))
def __repr__(self):
return "%s(status=%s)" % (self.__class__.__name__, self.status)
class KloutAPI(APIClient_SharedSecret):
- klout
- users/show
- users/topics
- soi/influenced_by
- soi/influencer_of
def _compose_url(self, path, params=None):
p = dict(key=self.api_key, **(params or {}))
if params:
return self.BASE_URL + path + '.json' + '?' + urlencode(p)
def _handle_response(self, response):
if response.status > 299:
raise KloutError(response.status, response=response)
return super(KloutAPI, self)._handle_response(response)
def call(self, path, **params):
return self._request('GET', path, params=params)
if __name__ == '__main__':
import sys
if len(sys.argv) < 2:
print "Must provide a Klout API key."
api_key = sys.argv[1]
api = KloutAPI(api_key)
r ='/users/show', users='shazow,limedaring')
print r