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import json
from functools import wraps
from foo.web.environment import httpexceptions, Response
from foo.lib.exceptions import APIControllerError, LoginRequired
from foo.model.meta import SchemaEncoder
def expose_api(name, check_csrf=True, check_referer=True):
""" Decorator helper for registering an API method. """
def decorator(fn):
API_METHOD_MAP[name] = fn
fn.exposed_name = name
fn.check_csrf = check_csrf
fn.check_referer = check_referer
return fn
return decorator
def handle_api(fn):
""" Decorator helper for handling exposed API methods in views. """
# TODO: Allow whitelisting API methods?
def wrapped(self):
if 'method' not in self.request.params:
return fn(self)
except APIControllerError, e:
return fn(self)
return wrapped
def api_controller(request, method_whitelist=None):
""" Performs the internal exposed API routing and error handling.
:param request:
Request object.
:param method_whitelist:
If provided, limits the methods which we're allowed to process in this
method = request.params['method']
except KeyError, e:
raise APIControllerError("Missing required parameter: %s" % e.args[0])
if method_whitelist and method not in method_whitelist:
raise APIControllerError("Method not permitted: %s" % method)
fn = API_METHOD_MAP.get(method)
if not fn:
raise APIControllerError("Method does not exist: %s" % method)
if fn.check_referer and request.referer:
expected_referer = request.application_url.split('://', 1)[1]
request_referer = request.referer.split('://', 1)[1]
if not request_referer.startswith(expected_referer):
raise APIControllerError("Bad referer: %s" % request.referer)
if fn.check_csrf and request.params.get('csrf_token') != request.session.get_csrf_token():
raise APIControllerError("Invalid csrf_token value: %s" % request.params.get('csrf_token'))
return fn(request)
except KeyError, e:
raise APIControllerError("Missing required parameter: %s" % e.args[0])
def _report_error(data, e):
# FIXME: Not a fan of this helper. Need to restructure the code to avoid needing it.
data['messages'] += [e.message]
data['code'] = e.code
data['status'] = 'error'
return data
def index(request):
""" The only app-routed view which delegates the rest of the API-related
functionality. Collates the API result into the final payload and response
data = {
'status': 'ok',
'code': 200,
'messages': [],
'result': {},
format = request.params.get('format', 'json')
if format not in ('json', 'redirect', 'fragment'):
return httpexceptions.HTTPBadRequest('Invalid format requested: %s' % format)
encode_settings = {'cls': SchemaEncoder}
if request.params.get('pretty'):
encode_settings['sort_keys'] = True
encode_settings['indent'] = 4
next = request.params.get('next') or request.referer
r = api_controller(request)
if r is not None:
data['result'] = r
# FIXME: This isn't the cleanest...
except APIControllerError, e:
if format == 'redirect':
return httpexceptions.HTTPSeeOther(next or '/')
_report_error(data, e)
except LoginRequired, e:
if format == 'redirect':
query = {'next': or next}
return httpexceptions.HTTPSeeOther(request.route_url('account_login', _query=query))
_report_error(data, e)
if format == 'redirect':
return httpexceptions.HTTPSeeOther(next or '/')
elif format == 'fragment':
return data['result']
body = json.dumps(data, **encode_settings)
return Response(body, content_type='application/json', status=data['code'])
# Exposed APIs:
def ping(request):
return {'ping': 'pong'}