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#!/usr/bin/env python
Really silly schema migration framework, built for SQLAlchemy.
Migrate schema or data from one engine to another.
Perform in-place upgrade of a schema in an engine.
Similar to migrate but does in-database table insert-select and rename-swap.
Creates schema defined by METADATA within ENGINE.
That is, metadata.create_all(checkfirst=True)
%prog migrate model.meta:metadata \\
"mysql://foo:bar@localhost/baz" "sqlite:///:memory:" \\
%prog upgrade migration.001_change_fancy_column:upgrade \\
%prog replace model.meta:metadata \\
"mysql://foo:bar@localhost/baz" \\
--only-tables "user"
%prog create model.meta:metadata \\
Hint: The upgrade command can also be used to downgrade, just point it
to the relevant downgrade function. For extra awesomeness, use schema-altering
DDLs provided by sqlalchemy-migrate.
import sqlalchemy
import os
import sys
sys.path.insert(0, os.getcwd())
import time
from sqlalchemygrate import migrations
import logging
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
from optparse import OptionParser, OptionGroup
def import_module(path):
# FIXME: There's a builtin for this in Python 2.7
modname, objname = path.split(':', 1)
obj = __import__(modname, fromlist=[objname])
for sub_obj in objname.split('.'):
obj = getattr(obj, sub_obj)
return obj
def main():
usage="%prog COMMAND [ARGS ...]\n" + __doc__
# FIXME: Use argparse someday
parser = OptionParser(usage)
parser.add_option("--verbose", "-v", dest="verbose", action="count", help="Enable verbose output. Use twice to enable debug output.")
parser.add_option("--show-sql", dest="show_sql", action="store_true", default=False, help="Echo SQLAlchemy queries.")
migrate_group = OptionGroup(parser, "migrate")
migrate_group.add_option("--only-tables", dest="only_tables", metavar="TABLES", help="Only perform migration on the given tables. (comma-separated table names)")
migrate_group.add_option("--skip-tables", dest="skip_tables", metavar="TABLES", help="Skip migration on the given tables. (comma-separated table names)")
migrate_group.add_option("--limit", dest="limit", type="int", default=100000, help="Number to select per insert loop. (default: %default)")
migrate_group.add_option("--convert-map", dest="convert_map", metavar="DICT", help="(Optional) Convert table_name:function mapping to run data through. Example: migration.v1:convert_map, where convert_map = {'oldtable': [('newtable', somefn)]}")
migrate_group.add_option("--populate", dest="populate_fn", metavar="FN", help="(Optional) Pass ``metadata_from`` and ``metadata_to`` to populate_fn for preprocessing before conversion.")
options, args = parser.parse_args()
if not args:
parser.error("Must specify a command.")
command = args[0].lower()
logging_level = logging.WARN
if options.verbose > 1:
logging_level = logging.DEBUG
elif options.verbose > 0:
logging_level = logging.INFO
logging.basicConfig(level=logging_level, format='%(asctime)s %(levelname)-8s %(message)s')
only_tables = None
if options.only_tables:
only_tables = [t.strip() for t in options.only_tables.split(',')]
skip_tables = None
if options.skip_tables:
skip_tables = [t.strip() for t in options.skip_tables.split(',')]
if len(args) < 2:
parser.error("You must specify an object path and an engine.")
obj_path = args[1]
if ':' not in obj_path:
parser.error("Object path most be in the format:")
elif '://' in obj_path:
parser.error("The syntax changed since you last used it, the first parameter is now an object path.")
obj = import_module(obj_path)
if command == 'migrate':
if len(args) < 4:
parser.error("Need to specify two engines.")
convert_map = {}
if options.convert_map:
convert_map = import_module(options.convert_map)
populate_fn = None
if options.populate_fn:
populate_fn = import_module(options.populate_fn)
e1 = sqlalchemy.create_engine(args[2])
e2 = sqlalchemy.create_engine(args[3], echo=options.show_sql)
now = time.time()
migrations.migrate(e1, e2, metadata=obj, convert_map=convert_map, populate_fn=populate_fn, only_tables=only_tables, skip_tables=skip_tables, limit=options.limit)"Done in {0:.2f}s".format(time.time()-now))
elif command == 'upgrade':
if len(args) < 3:
parser.error("Need to specify an engine and an upgrade function path.")
e = sqlalchemy.create_engine(args[2], echo=options.show_sql)
migrations.upgrade(e, obj)
elif command == 'replace':
if len(args) < 3:
parser.error("Need to specify an engine and a metadata object path.")
e = sqlalchemy.create_engine(args[2], echo=options.show_sql)
now = time.time()
migrations.migrate_replace(e, metadata=obj, only_tables=only_tables, skip_tables=skip_tables)"Done in {0:.2f}s".format(time.time()-now))
elif command == 'create':
if len(args) < 2:
parser.error("You need to specify an engine.")
e = sqlalchemy.create_engine(args[2], echo=options.show_sql)
obj.create_all(bind=e, checkfirst=True)
parser.error("Unrecognized command: {0}".format(command))
if __name__ == '__main__':
n = main()
if n: