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Turnip Task Scheduler: Like celery but tastier.
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Like celeryq but tastier.

Warning: This software is in a state of being useful but unstable. You should acquire a good understanding of the codebase before using this.


The goal is to be simple, small, and self-contained.

  • Built on SQLAlchemy. Everything is contained in one table named turnip_task. This means you can mess around with an SQLite storage during development, and push it out with PostgreSQL in production. Less moving pieces.
  • Supports recurring tasks with a cron-like scheduling syntax and and followup tasks.
  • Multiple workers should work in theory (untested, may need some transaction tweaking before it'll work reliably).


Usage: turnip --engine=ENGINE COMMAND [ARGS ...]

Turnip task management. Tastier than celery.


        Process tasks forever.

        Delete old tasks with states 'complete' or 'error'.

        Set 'started' tasks to 'pending'.

    rebuild [FN]
        Delete 'pending' tasks (and run FN if given).

        List tasks.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose         Enable verbose output. Use twice to enable debug
  -e ENGINE, --engine=ENGINE
                        Database engine to use where tasks are stored.


This will get you an idea of what defines a task.

class Task(BaseModel):
    __tablename__ = 'turnip_task'

    id = Column(types.Integer, primary_key=True)
    time_created = Column(types.DateTime,, nullable=False)
    time_updated = Column(types.DateTime,

    time_wait_until = Column(types.DateTime,, nullable=False)
    seconds_elapsed = Column(types.Float)

    # Tag tasks that depend on a specific resource so they can be queried 
    # Example: An error from a 'twitter-api' tag would trigger a 1hr delay on all pending tasks of that group.
    resource_group = Column(types.String(32))

    # A ``method`` is a Python object path to a callable that takes ``params``.
    method = Column(types.Text, nullable=False)
    params = Column(types.PickleType, default=dict, nullable=False)

    # Random string (like a uuid)
    lock_key = Column(types.LargeBinary(16))

    recurring_cron = Column(types.String(128)) # Cron-like string for recurring. If not set, wont recur.

    # Set when the current task is related to another task.
    parent_task_id = Column(types.Integer, ForeignKey(''))
    parent_task = orm.relationship('Task', remote_side=id)
    parent_type = Column(mytypes.Enum(['master', 'retry', 'recurring']), default='master', nullable=False)

    state = Column(mytypes.Enum(['pending', 'started', 'completed', 'failed']), default='pending', nullable=False, index=True)

Get started

Head over to the examples directory.


  • Environment setup hook.
  • Paster plugin for loading Pylons environment natively.



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