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Need to be done (in approximate order)

  1. Auto-refresh your timeline every 60-90 seconds
  2. Status Indication with a throbber (preferably of the ASCII variety :P) and possibly a place to print status and error messages
  3. Column-Group selection using an expandable menu (including new tweet count beside each group), see Column Interface for details
  4. Read/unread/clearing of Tweets with some sort of idleness state reset on column focus, and highlighting new unread tweets
  5. Post Tweet interface
  6. Magic Tweet Menu which appears whenever you hover over a tweet, includes options like Reply, Retweet, Favourite, Create Filter
  7. Persistent Configuration Storage of groups config (cookies, backend api, not-authing-twice)
  8. Keybindings

In progress

  1. Track API limits to make sure the client doesn’t get banned. (rtlechow)
  2. Refactoring Javascript abstraction. (shazow)

Good enough for now

  1. Friendship Status: Differentiate between stalkers/stalking/mutual friends.
  2. Drag n’ Drop users between groups as an interface for filtering
  3. Browser Compatibility with Firefox, Safari, and the iPhone (maybe a special unicolumned mobile version?)