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def validate(d, key, validator):
Validate a single value in ``d`` using a formencode validator.
email = validate(request.params, 'email', validators.Email(not_empty=True))
return validator.to_python(d.get(key))
def validate_many(d, schema):
"""Validate a dictionary of data against the provided schema.
Returns a list of values positioned in the same order as given in ``schema``, each
value is validated with the corresponding validator. Raises formencode.Invalid if
validation failed.
Similar to get_many but using formencode validation.
:param d: A dictionary of data to read values from.
:param schema: A list of (key, validator) tuples. The key will be used to fetch
a value from ``d`` and the validator will be applied to it.
from formencode import validators
email, password, password_confirm = validate_many(request.params, [
('email', validators.Email(not_empty=True)),
('password', validators.String(min=4)),
('password_confirm', validators.String(min=4)),
return [validator.to_python(d.get(key), state=key) for key,validator in schema]
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