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# urllib3/
# Copyright 2008-2013 Andrey Petrov and contributors (see CONTRIBUTORS.txt)
# This module is part of urllib3 and is released under
# the MIT License:
from collections import MutableMapping
from threading import RLock
try: # Python 2.7+
from collections import OrderedDict
except ImportError:
from .packages.ordered_dict import OrderedDict
__all__ = ['RecentlyUsedContainer']
_Null = object()
class RecentlyUsedContainer(MutableMapping):
Provides a thread-safe dict-like container which maintains up to
``maxsize`` keys while throwing away the least-recently-used keys beyond
:param maxsize:
Maximum number of recent elements to retain.
:param dispose_func:
Every time an item is evicted from the container,
``dispose_func(value)`` is called. Callback which will get called
ContainerCls = OrderedDict
def __init__(self, maxsize=10, dispose_func=None):
self._maxsize = maxsize
self.dispose_func = dispose_func
self._container = self.ContainerCls()
self.lock = RLock()
def __getitem__(self, key):
# Re-insert the item, moving it to the end of the eviction line.
with self.lock:
item = self._container.pop(key)
self._container[key] = item
return item
def __setitem__(self, key, value):
evicted_value = _Null
with self.lock:
# Possibly evict the existing value of 'key'
evicted_value = self._container.get(key, _Null)
self._container[key] = value
# If we didn't evict an existing value, we might have to evict the
# least recently used item from the beginning of the container.
if len(self._container) > self._maxsize:
_key, evicted_value = self._container.popitem(last=False)
if self.dispose_func and evicted_value is not _Null:
def __delitem__(self, key):
with self.lock:
value = self._container.pop(key)
if self.dispose_func:
def __len__(self):
with self.lock:
return len(self._container)
def __iter__(self):
raise NotImplementedError('Iteration over this class is unlikely to be threadsafe.')
def clear(self):
with self.lock:
# Copy pointers to all values, then wipe the mapping
# under Python 2, this copies the list of values twice :-|
values = list(self._container.values())
if self.dispose_func:
for value in values:
def keys(self):
with self.lock:
return self._container.keys()
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