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Use international headers when posting file names #119

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RFC 2388 Section 4.4 states:

if the file name of the sender's operating system is not in US-ASCII, the file name might be approximated, or encoded using the method of RFC 2231.

Currently, urllib3 does neither. Instead, it will simply UTF-8 encode the file name. While many receiving parties might be able to handle that situation, it appears to me like a violation of the specification, with all the impact this might have on interoperability.

To be more precise, when encountering a non-ascii file name like Täst.txt, it should send a header like this:

Content-Disposition: form-data; name="fieldname"; file*=utf-8''T%C3%A4st.txt

The same holds for non-ascii names of form fields. You can use the email.utils.encode_rfc2231 function to perform this kind of header formatting. For increased portability, you might want to only do so for cases that actually require it, keeping the current syntax for ascii-only names.


I've no objections to this if you'd like to send a pull request. :) Please include tests with any new code; urllib3 is trying to maintain 100% unit test coverage.

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