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This demo demonstrates how to sync up native plugin code for Apache Cordova. The demo-app uses the echo-plugin as well as a custom version of phonegap-plugin-contentsync.


npm run deploy

Builds the necessary demo-app and deploys it to your attached iOS device. The terminal will log messages to the lldb debugger; enter safequit to terminate.

npm run build

Builds both the demo-app (for a device) and the echo-plugin (.cdvplugin framework). Note that this will use the iPhone Developer certificate by default -- if you have more than one, the echo-plugin and demo app may not be signed by the same certificate. Verify by running npm run codesign-info

npm run package

Packages the demo-app/www folder and the echo.cdvplugin plugin into a file in the root

npm run codesign-info

Shows the codesigning info for both the demo-app and the echo-plugin. All these have to be equal for the demo to work:

  1. Format has to be any or all of armv7 and arm64
  2. All Authority fields have to be equal
  3. Identifier has to be equal
  4. TeamIdentifier has to be equal

Explicitly re-sign your echo-plugin if it doesn't match to the appropriate certificate identity. For example:

    codesign -f -s "iPhone Developer: John Doe (2GL212LIGU)" echo-plugin/build/echo.cdvplugin

To find a codesigning identity, either copy it from the output to match your demo-app, or run npm run codesign-identities below.

npm run codesign-identities

Run this to see all the codesigning identities available on your machine.

npm run httpserver

Runs a simple http server for the demo at port 8080.

Grab the first line with the IP address and port, and modify this line in www/js/index.js -- replace that variable's value with your value.

Updating a Plugin

In echo-plugin/echo-plugin/build.xcconfig, add a value for PLUGIN_NAMESPACE. The plugin needs to have a new name, if not it will not be loaded properly due to a symbol conflict. For example, you could add a version:


This will in turn change the name of the class from EchoPlugin to v1_0_0EchoPlugin

Once you do that, you can run npm run package to package your plugin for syncing, and run npm run httpserver to serve it.