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MMM-KeyBindings - Remote and Keyboard Control for MagicMirror²

This is a module for the MagicMirror².

The MMM-KeyBindings Module is a helper module that provides a method for controlling the MagicMirror² through a Bluetooth-connected Remote or through a keyboard by capturing button presses and keystrokes and either processing them or passing them on for use in other modules via notifications.

The primary features are:

  1. Control from Amazon Fire Stick remote control or other bluetooth device. See: Why Fire Stick?
  2. Customizeable keyboard navigation and control.
    • Basic navigation keys are captured, but this can be changed in the config.
  3. Key Presses are sent other modules for action via notifcation.
  4. Assign keys to perform certain actions automatically (e.g. turn on/off the monitor when the HOME key is pressed, using MMM-Remote-Control).
  5. Allows a module to "take focus", allowing other modules to ingore keypresses when a particular module has focus (e.g. in a pop-up menu).
  6. Allows for multiple instances of the MagicMirror to be open on different screens and be independently controlled.

Using the module

To use this module, add the following configuration block to the modules array in the config/config.js file:

var config = {
    modules: [
            module: 'MMM-KeyBindings',
            config: {
                // See below for configurable options

You can then configure other modules to handle the key presses and, if necessary, request focus so only that module will respond to the keys (e.g. for a menu). See Handling Keys in Other Modules


cd ~/MagicMirror/modules
git clone

NOTE: If you are not planning to use this module with anything but a standard keyboard. STOP HERE. For advanced control using something like the Amazon Fire TV Remote, continue with the steps below:

  1. Connect your device and make sure it's recognized (for example, using the Desktop bluetooth device menu). See instructions here
  2. Find the "Name" of the device using one of the two methods below:
    1. From a terminal run cat /proc/bus/input/devices | grep "Name" to get the Name to use
    2. From a terminal run udevadm info -a -p $(udevadm info -q path -n /dev/input/event0) | grep ATTRS{name}, assuming this is the only device connected. You may have to change event0 to something else. Check ls /dev/input/ to see which ones are currently connected.
  3. Edit the 99-btremote.rules file in this module's directory to use the name you found.
  4. Run cd ~/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-KeyBindings && npm install.

Configuration options

(samples below)

Option Description
enableKeyboard Whether or not to capture keys from a standard keyboard.
Optional Default: false - keyboard is not enabled. Set to true to enable a standard keyboard. Make sure no other modules are using the keyboard (e.g. MMM-OnScreenMenu).
enabledKeyStates Array of Key States that the module should handle.
handleKeys Array of additional keys to handle in this module above the standard set,
Reference Mousetrap API for the available key enumerations.
disableKeys Array of keys to ignore from the default set.
evdev Configuration options for the evdev daemon.
See below for details.
evdev: {
    enabled: true,
    eventPath: '/dev/input/btremote',
    .eventPath Path to the event input file
Default: /dev/input/btremote
keyMap Map of the remote controls' key names (from evtest) to translate into standard keyboard event names. See Sample Key Map below.
actions Actions this module will take on certain key presses. See "Actions" section below.
Default: Ask MMM-Remote-Control to toggle the screen on and off when "Home" is long-pressed.
actions: [{
  key: "Home",
  instance: "SERVER",
  mode: "DEFAULT",
  notification: "REMOTE_ACTION",
  payload: { action: "MONITORTOGGLE" }

Sample Configurations

Standard: Using FireStick Remote Locally and a Keyboard on Remote Browser

The config below uses the default special keys for the Fire Stick remote: Long-pressing 'Home' will toggle the screen on/off.

    module: 'MMM-KeyBindings',
    config: {
        enableKeyboard: true

Basic: Use Keyboard Only with Default Keys (no remote)

    module: 'MMM-KeyBindings',
    config: {
        evdev: { enabled: false },
        enableKeyboard: true,

Remote Control Key Map

The following is the default key map for the Amazon Fire Stick remote. It maps keys to "Standard" keyboard key names for convenience. The incoming or outgoing names can be changed to suit your needs by adding a new copy of the keymap to the config.

keyMap: {  
    Home: "KEY_HOMEPAGE", 
    Enter: "KEY_KPENTER", 
    ArrowLeft: "KEY_LEFT", 
    ArrowRight: "KEY_RIGHT", 
    ArrowUp: "KEY_UP", 
    ArrowDown: "KEY_DOWN",
    Menu: "KEY_MENU", 
    MediaPlayPause: "KEY_PLAYPAUSE", 
    MediaNextTrack: "KEY_FASTFORWARD", 
    MediaPreviousTrack: "KEY_REWIND",
    Return: "KEY_BACK"

If you are not using a Fire Stick Remote: You may need to adjust the key assignments above to match your remote. See Remote Setup for how to run evtest and display the key names for your remote/device.

Note about changing key names: If for example, you wanted "KEY_RIGHT" from the bluetooth remote to simulate a "k" being pressed on a keyboard:

  1. Add the whole evdevKeymap above to your config section.
  2. Change ArrowRight: "KEY_RIGHT" to k: "KEY_RIGHT"
  3. If you want to also be able to use a keyboard when using a remote browser:
    • Make sure enableKeyboard: true is in your config and then add: handleKeys: [ 'k' ] to tell Mousetrap to bind to the "k" key. This is required because by default Mousetrap only binds to the same keys as those in the key map above.


This module by default just receives key presses and sends them on for other modules' to handle. You can customize the actions this module will take on certain keys by providing an array of action objects in the config.

Action Objects:

Key Description
key The keyName to respond to when pressed.
state The keyState to respond to when pressed.
Optional: Either "KEY_PRESSED" or "KEY_LONGPRESSED", or it can be omitted to respond to both.
instance The instance to respond to when pressed.
Optional: Either "SERVER" to respond only on the main Mirror's screen or "LOCAL" to respond in any remote web browser windows, or it can be omitted to respond on both.
mode The Current keyPressMode to respond to.
Optional: If you use modules that take over the key mode (like MMM-OnScreenMenu), you may only want the action to happen when it's in "DEFAULT" mode.
notification The notification to send when a matching key press is detected.
payload The payload to send with the notification.


The following is an example Actions configuration to:

  1. Toggle the monitor on/off when the Bluetooth remote's Home button is long-pressed (requires MMM-Remote-Control to handle command)
  2. Change the slides in MMM-Carousel w/ Slide Navigation when the left or right buttons are pushed.
  3. Exit whatever mode you're in, back to DEFAULT when Return is long pressed.
actions: [{
    key: "Home",
    state: "KEY_LONGPRESSED",
    instance: "SERVER",
    mode: "DEFAULT",
    notification: "REMOTE_ACTION",
    payload: { action: "MONITORTOGGLE" }
    key: "ArrowLeft",
    state: "KEY_LONGPRESSED",
    notification: "CAROUSEL_PREVIOUS"
    key: "ArrowRight",
    state: "KEY_LONGPRESSED",
    notification: "CAROUSEL_NEXT"
    key: "Return",
    state: "KEY_LONGPRESSED",
    changeMode: "DEFAULT"

Handling Keys in Another Module

To handle key press events in your module, see this wiki page

Development Path

This module was created as a stepping stone to allow other modules to be tweaked to respond to keyboard presses--mainly for navigation purposes. Please add any requests via the Issues for this repo.

Using this module? View a list of all modules that support MMM-KeyBindings on the wiki here.

Known Issues

  • The following only work with evdev / remote control on the main screen. When using Mousetrap for keyboard events, these pass like regular key presses or flat-out don't work:


MagicMirror² utility module that provides a method for accepting inputs from a bluetooth remote/keyboard.




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