Nintendo Switch encryption key derivation homebrew
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Lockpick is a ground-up C++17 rewrite of homebrew key derivation software, namely kezplez-nx. It also dumps titlekeys. This will dump all keys through *_key_05 on firmwares below 6.2.0 and through *_key_06 on 6.2.0.

What this software does differently

  • Dumps titlekeys and SD seed
  • Dumps all keys through 6.2.0
  • Uses the superfast xxHash instead of sha256 when searching exefs for keys for a ~5x speed improvement
  • Gets all possible keys from running process memory - this means no need to decrypt Package2 at all, let alone decompress KIPs
  • Gets header_key without tsec, sbk, master_key_00 or aes sources - which may or may not be the same way ChoiDujourNX does it 👀 (and I'm gonna issue a challenge to homebrew title installers to implement similar code so you don't need your users to use separate software like this 😜 it's up to you to figure out if the same can be done for key_area_keys if needed)


  1. Use Hekate v4.5+ to dump TSEC and fuses:
    1. Push hekate payload bin using TegraRCMSmash/TegraRCMGUI/modchip/injector
    2. Using the VOL and Power buttons to navigate, select Console info...
    3. Select Print fuse info (not kfuse info)
    4. Press Power to save fuse info to SD card
    5. Select Print TSEC keys
    6. Press Power to save TSEC keys to SD card
  2. Launch CFW of choice
  3. Open Homebrew Menu
  4. Run Lockpick
  5. Use the resulting /switch/prod.keys file as needed and rename if required by any software you're using

You may instead use biskeydump and dump to SD to get all keys prior to the 6.2.0 generation - all keys up to those ending in 05. Lockpick will dump all keys up to that point regardless which firmware it's run on.


  • To get keys ending in 06, you must have firmware 6.2.0 installed
  • No one knows package1_key_06, it's derived and erased fully within the encrypted TSEC payload. While there's a way to extricate tsec_root_key due to the way it's used, this is unfortunately not true of the package1 key
  • If for some reason you dump TSEC keys on 6.2.0 and not fuses (secure_boot_key) you will still get everything except any of the package1 or keyblob keys (without secure_boot_key, you can't decrypt keyblobs and that's where package1 keys live)


Release built with libnx v2.0.0 but still builds and runs with v1.6.0.

Uses freetype which comes with switch-portlibs via devkitPro pacman:

pacman -S libnx switch-portlibs

then run:


to build.

Special Thanks

  • tèsnos! For making kezplez-nx, being an all-around cool and helpful person and open to my contributions, not to mention patient with my enthusiasm. kezplez taught me an absolute TON about homebrew.
  • SciresM for hactool, containing to my knowledge the first public key derivation software, and for
  • roblabla for the original keys gist and for believing in our habilities
  • The folks in the ReSwitched Discord server for answering my innumerable questions while researching this (and having such a useful chat backlog!)
  • The memory reading code from jakibaki's sys-netcheat was super useful for getting keys out of running process memory
  • The System Save dumping methodology from Adubbz' Compelled Disclosure
  • Shouts out to fellow key derivers: shadowninja108 for HACGUI, Thealexbarney for Libhac, and rajkosto 👀
  • misson2000 for help with std::invoke to get the function timer working
  • Simon for the eticket_rsa_kek derivation method and for suggesting invoking spl for faster titlekey derivation
  • The constantly-improving docs on Switchbrew wiki and libnx
  • Literally the friends I made along the way! I came to the scene late and I've still managed to meet some wonderful people :) Thanks for all the help testing, making suggestions, and cheerleading!