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Added an agnostic methodology for handling future firmware versions which use the same master key generation and key derivation method.

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@shchmue shchmue released this May 12, 2021

Updated to support version 12.0.2, which again introduces no new keys but has a new pkg1 version

Updated bdk/drivers to reach parity with hekate v5.5.6

Implemented payload compression to allow for easier growth in the future

Re-enabled the battery status bar

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@shchmue shchmue released this Apr 6, 2021

There are no new keys, Lockpick_RCM just required an update to dump keys after updating

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@shchmue shchmue released this Dec 11, 2020

Big release! If you can load payloads on your Mariko or patched Erista console, you can now dump keys with Lockpick_RCM!

Thanks loads to CTCaer, SciresM, Shadów, balika011, and averne for information, advice, and help testing!

The following section is only for research purposes - all keys needed for normal use are dumped by the program with no further action required

To get your SBK or the Mariko specific keys (the kek which is used for master key derivation or the bek which is used to encrypt package1 and the BCT), you will need to use the /switch/partialaes.keys file along with a brute forcing tool such as I will test out a userland homebrew for this purpose soon. The contents of this file are the keyslot number followed by the result of that keyslot encrypting 16 null bytes. With the tool linked above, enter them in sequence for a given keyslot you want the contents of, for example: PartialAesKeyCrack.exe <num1> <num2> <num3> <num4> with the --numthreads=N where N is the number of threads you can dedicate to the brute force.

The keyslots are as follows, with names recognized by hactool:
12 - mariko_kek (not unique - this is used for master key derivation)
13 - mariko_bek (not unique - this is used for package1 decryption)
14 - secure_boot_key (console unique - this isn't needed for further key derivation than what Lockpick_RCM does but might be nice to have for your records)
15 - Secure storage key (console unique - this is not used on retail or dev consoles and there's nothing useful to do with it)

So if you want to brute force the mariko_kek, open your partialaes.keys and observe the numbers beneath keyslot 12. Here's an example with fake numbers:


Then take those numbers and open a command prompt window at the location of the exe linked above and type:
PartialAesKeyCrack.exe 11111111111111111111111111111111 22222222222222222222222222222222 33333333333333333333333333333333 44444444444444444444444444444444 and if you're on a powerful enough multicore system, add --numthreads=[whatever number of threads], ideally not your system's maximum if it's, for example, an older laptop with a low-end dual core CPU. On my Ryzen 3900x with 24 threads this generates a lot of heat but finishes in about 45 seconds.

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@shchmue shchmue released this Dec 5, 2020

Provides basic support for version 11.0.0

NOTE: Mariko is not supported at this time

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@shchmue shchmue released this Jun 17, 2020

Sept issued a breaking change to master key slot, now Lockpick_RCM supports the new and old versions both.

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@shchmue shchmue released this May 18, 2020

Improved the general aes-xts crypto function to match the diskio algorithm (only 2 total aes-ecb calls instead of one per block) and perform the xor operations in 32-bit chunks. Also updated for gcc 10 and merged latest Hekate commits.

Sysmmc runs get a slight speed improvement, emummc gets a large speed improvement, especially file-based.

Also now supports parsing sept from sept-secondary if FSS0 entry is present in hekate_ipl.ini

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@shchmue shchmue released this Apr 15, 2020

Version 10.0.0, in addition to having new key offsets, expands the 80000000000000E1 common ticket save. This revealed a bug in remap init code, now fixed. Also fixed a bug caused by missing ES saves.

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@shchmue shchmue released this Dec 30, 2019

Fixed BIS key off-by-one index issue for new consoles
New consoles also introduced new handling for keys in PRODINFO, so fixed titlekey regression

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@shchmue shchmue released this Dec 9, 2019

Lockpick_RCM now supports firmware 9.1.0. Like in update 9.0.0, the root keys didn't change and so consoles on any version from 8.1.0-9.1.0 will dump all current keys.

Minerva should be updated on SD to use its performance benefits. If the old library is present, Minerva will not activate.

Also corrected bug where SD seed verification vector was being read from sysnand even when dumping keys from emunand.

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