PHP client library for TinyCert REST API
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TinyCert REST API Client Library for PHP


This is the official PHP client library for the TinyCert REST API.


This project requires PHP version 5.3 or greater with the cURL extension.


The source code is documented using the PHPDoc standard.

Example usage

This is a brief example enumerating details of Certification Authorities and certificates in your account. Error checking is omitted for simplicity's sake:

	require_once ('');
	//Initiate a connection
	$tc = new TinyCert ('MySuperSecretApiKey');
	$tc->connect ('', 'My Secret Passphrase');
	//Iterate over all CA's in the account
	$ca_list = $tc->ca_list ();
	foreach ($ca_list as $ca)
		//Request CA details and dump to output
		$ca_details = $tc->ca_details ($ca ['id']);
		print_r ($ca_details);
		//Iterate over all certificates for this CA
		$cert_list = $tc->cert_list ($ca ['id'], TinyCert::STATUS_ALL);
		foreach ($cert_list as $cert)
			//Request certificate details and dump to output
			$cert_details = $tc->cert_details ($cert ['id']);
			print_r ($cert_details);
	//Clean up nicely
	$tc->disconnect ();

Copyright and License

This software is Copyright (c) 2014 by Steven Don /

This is free software, licensed under the Simplified BSD license.